About Therapy

Counselling and therapy are a means that many people are now using to look at difficulties in their lives. It provides a space to help resolve issues and create a life with more clarity through exploring our hopes, fears, beliefs and the relationships we may have with others and ourselves. It can create a window through which we may see other choices or ways of approaching our past or present problems and behaviours. Through a confidential and empathic listening and discussion process, it is possible to gain awareness of self and others, which can enable more informed decisions or changes in behaviour. Below are just some of the many specific issues that may be addressed, with links to additional information:

There are many definitions of Counselling and Psychotherapy, but a way that I find helps to describe the difference is that counselling may be time limited and address one or more specific issues. Psychotherapy is usually longer in duration, is deeper work, and is a means of gaining greater self knowledge and resolving more complex issues. Both are a way of achieving a more rewarding and meaningful life.